Sunday, May 15, 2011

These are all the garden plants I planted
I can't even believe how incredibly beautiful today was! I got up early this morning and met my mom for Garage/Estate Sale shopping. We hit the Woodmeadow Neighborhood Garage sale and found some neat Christmas decorations, including a "Seasons Greetings" front door mat for $0.25 and a Yankee Candle Christmas scent for $0.50; ya can't beat that!!! Next we hit an Estate sale where I found even MORE treasures. I got a fall and Christmas wreath, some flower pots, and the best of all for $10 I got a trinket box from a work bench in the garage, with TONS of screws and nuts and bolts and things. I probably don't know what half of the stuff does, but it I know Matt will figure it out. The other day when Matt was trying to "L" Bracket our headboard to the wall so it didn't wobble, we had to go to Lowes and buy some screws and anchors and things because those are not things we have accumulated yet. My dad has tons of that stuff in coffee cans and mason jars in his garage, but we have yet to grow a stock. This $10 box full is like having my grandpa's 20 years worth of accumulation of things. Score! 

There is a lot more I have to blog about, about yesterday's beautiful Saturday (5/14/2011) but for some reason I am unable to upload pictures, and I don't want to bore you with my rambling without visual aids!
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