Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Cookout

Matt - The Grill Master!
This is actually only our second time to use our grill.

Yesterday we had Matt's family over for some grilling in the backyard in honor of Memorial Day. We pulled out the grill that we used once last summer (it is hard to grill when you live in an upstairs apartment and have to walk down to the sidewalk to do your grilling). We couldn't decide between hot dogs or hamburgers, so we did both! Not only could we not decide between the meats, we could not decide which kind of hot dogs we wanted: all beef, normal, or fat free - so we grilled all three. In addition to the delicious grilled main course, Ray Oberdick made some German potato salad. This was my first experience with this dish, and I must say it was wonderful!

Nephew Chase eating his enormous hamburger!

This was our first time hosting a large family group at hour new house. I think it went pretty well. We still do not have any back yard furniture so Matt borrowed a large table from the church and some chairs so that we could eat around a table. We do have 2 patio chairs, and 2 fold up (take to soccer games) chairs, and I borrowed 3 from my mom's house too. There was plenty of seating. I already new I loved our covered patio, but I LOVE it even more now. It really does create a lot of shade and coolness. One thing our house is not, is kid proof. This is something that we quickly figured out with little nephew and niece Ben and Emma, but the backyard is just right for kids! It is also just right for a pet...I am working on that one.

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