Monday, May 30, 2011

table for three - jes

Last weekend some very exciting things happened. For starters our indentured servant Summer came to Tulsa with me to help us out and play some board games. Not only was she fantastic company, but she also cleaned out the freezer that I've been too much of a wuss to tackle myself. She's a saint. We spent the weekend tilling up the front garden, putting in new plants, cleaning out the kitchen, and drinking beer on the back porch. It was wonderful.

We also had our first meal. My mom, grandma, aunt, and a few other family friends (including Bre), have been helping me collect Frankoma pottery to stock our kitchen. It's wonderful. We've been calling the future study the "Frankoma Room" which makes us sound super fancy. The dishes are beautiful. Eclectic but still cohesive. Marshall and I both have always loved the Frankoma stuff, and now we have our own pieced together set of dishes. It definitely beats the random assortment of Goodwill and Walmart dishes we've been using up to this point.

After cleaning out the refrigerator we went grocery shopping and for the very first time had a meal at the house that wasn't delivered or eaten out of the container it came in. It was simple and didn't require "cooking" but it was delicious. It's hard to describe how exciting it was to eat off of real plates, around a table, and to have a place to store the leftovers without worrying about anything immediately growing on them. Even washing the dishes was exciting, having a place to let them dry, a place to put them that wasn't the floor of our study. I felt the same way the first time I got to take a bath over here. Like this place is really our home. A tasty salad, some delicious sandwiches and a couple of great friends over. It was amazing.

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