Tuesday, May 17, 2011

painting - jes

There are still about four dozen walls that I need to finish painting, but getting at least some color on the walls has done wonders. I was able to get the living room painted in a really nice yellow-ish color by the time Marshall got home from work one day. Simply having a couple of rooms that aren't white makes me feel so much better. Dad helped me with the tools of the trade and I went to Anchor Paint for the rest (gotta support at least a little local). I'm really happy with how it turned out. It brings out our totally awesome fire place bricks and mantle.

For the study, we went with a nice calming robin's egg blue color. The room gets good light in the mornings and the color will be perfect for relaxing and writing another book, or just curling into a chair and reading. My current roommate Sarah has the perfect chairs for this room, unfortunately they are awesome and I can't see her parting with them. Once I'm in Tulsa more, I'll be hitting up garage sales and flea markets with Bre to see if we can't find some of the missing furniture pieces we both need.

For the guest room we decided we could have any color we darn well wanted. That's why it's bright green. Phillip calls it "fun green" and I feel that is a good description. Rocket of course has helped me every brush stroke of the way. Keeping guard, eating any bugs, and lounging in the sun like a true contractor. We're thinking Nascar themed bed sheets for this room? Maybe some bunk beds so we can cram more friends into it. We can do whatever we want! It's our house.


  1. Hahaha. Rocket looks about as helpful as Cookie would be in the same situation... as in not very, but very cute.

  2. Yes, he likes to just keep watch, like the foreman on a construction site. Plus he keeps the cats away, so that's something. -jes