Tuesday, May 10, 2011

bells & whistles - jes

It feels so good to conquer long lists of little things. Sure, getting a washer and dryer (thanks so much to Bre, Matt and their friend's generosity) or getting the carpet shampooed feels great, but those are major things. Sometimes it's enough to just take care of the small stuff. The bells and whistles. Cleaning the hamburger helper off of the stove was incredibly gratifying. Cleaning out the refrigerator was scarier, but gratifying as well. I'm still putting off the freezer. "There's something alive down there" - Luke Skywalker ala trash compactor monster sums up my feelings about the freezer. Maybe amazing boyfriend Marshall feels like donning gloves and a mask and cloroxing the heck out of it?

I'm not sure if it's common practice to remove all vent covers when you vacate a rental property, but somewhere along the lines all of ours disappeared. I spent twenty minutes at Lowe's, trying to figure out which vent covers to buy. There are nickle plated, plastic, fake oak, real oak, stainless, and about a dozen other types and designs of vent covers. Who knew? They're not something I ever gave much thought to. It took some hammering to get the covers to fit, somewhere along the line the metal vents and the cement started to chip apart, making it a challenge to get them in there. But we did, and now I don't have to worry I'll break my ankle every time I walk near a window.


There was only one doorknob missing at the house and that has now been replaced as well. I had to install it twice because I messed up the first time (the long screws are to hold the two pieces together, not to hold the whole thing to the door). Fortunately I realized my mistake and was able to fix it. The door is to the pantry, which doesn't actually require a doorknob, but it makes the whole kitchen area look nicer. I'm glad we're finishing these small tasks that make the house look loved. The big things are important, but the little ones add up fast.

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