Tuesday, May 24, 2011

blueberries & mint - jes

We planted more this weekend. I know it takes years for people to establish their gardens, and I can't wait until every inch of our yard is covered with something tasty or that smells good. I bought a few books about gardening and herbs and have been pouring over every bit of them. Turns out there is a lot to learn about every plant, herb, flower.

Blueberries need sunny, well drained, acidic soil. So, we gave it to our new plants. We had some help from Summer who came down and worked with us for a few days. It was nice to have company at our new house. Making stuff at the shop always makes me feel like we've accomplished something amazing. BENDING metal! Pretty cool. Can't wait until the blueberries are so big we can stand on the porch and pick them.

With Summer's help we also tackled one more flower bed in the front of the house. Not sure what we'll do with the rusty metal tubing we dug out of it, but we'll figure out something. First we had to kill all the poison ivy with some Round Up, wait for it to die, and pull up about fifteen years worth of weeds. The soil is rich and full of earth worms though.
I love planting stuff so much. I love my little trowel and getting my hands dirty with actual dirt. We put rosemary and oregano along the back and those little green flowers are going to be big purple flowers some day. It's so exciting to plant things that will (hopefully) be there for years to come.


  1. Blueberries and mint: I think we can make a cocktail out of that.

  2. Once they're producing I'll bring you some, or you can come here and make them and take pictures. It'll be like when tv shows do crossover episodes...but our blogs. -jes

  3. I feel you, lady! I have been a planting fool this year. It is my meditation time, where the rest of the world just melts away. I would do it all day, if I could. I landscaped my backyard this year to make it look like a cottage garden. Of course, after last night's storm, it looks awful. But things will grow back. I've been posting my gardening progress on my blog, too. Feel free to check it out! We can give each other feedback! I'll be posting some new photos of the progress soon. http://mirasolart.blogspot.com/search/label/Home%20Improvement%20Projects
    Hope to see your new place soon!