Thursday, April 7, 2011

$$$ - The Stress of it ALL - bre

It is one thing after another. Owning a home is one of the number one stressors of people today…people told me this before we bought the house. I believed them, but of course I was still living in a somewhat idealistic it won’t happen to me world.
Money stress #1
 When we first started looking for a house we were looking under the pretense that we would have the down payment covered by down payment assistance programs. After two months of looking, we found our house! We worked with our realtor to put in an offer. The offer was in negotiations when we started communicating with our loan officer again about the logistics of things. It was at that point that our loan officer discovered a very important mistake she made: we didn’t qualify for down payment assistance. It was a simple phone call for her to figure out her mistake; a phone call she could have made 2 months earlier and saved us the trouble of looking for a home we no longer could afford.
Luckily, God had other plans. We ended up scraping together a down payment, which lowered our potential interest rate. This ended up being a HUGE blessing. Not to mention, we left our loan officer for a better, more professional company.
Money Stress #2
Lowes trip, after Lowes trip Matt and I are realizing how much money we are spending on getting the house looking the way we want before we will be comfortable in it. From tools, to paint supplies to area rugs, Lowes has received a LOT of business from the Oberdicks.
Money Stress #3
Appliances and furniture!! The previous owners left us their refrigerator! However, we do not have a washer or dryer. Before we moved in to the house Matt and I looked at every appliance store (used and new) in the Tulsa area. Washers and Dryers are just too dang expensive!! After many hours of searching, Matt and I have been blessed with not one, but two sets of free appliances. We will have these two washers and two dryers this weekend.  Hopefully one works for us, and we can bless Jes and Marshal with the others!
Hopefully money stress ends with #3

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