Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"befores" - jes

I must say, the six months I spent sanding, scraping, priming, and sweating for Artisan Painting, Inc. has already paid off. Known as "Sandy" by the crew, working for my Dad was a really good way for me to motivate myself into graduate school. Still I love that when I'm painting, I know what I'm doing. I'm not all the way through, but I've got colors up on the walls of two rooms and it make the house feel like our house. The white walls weren't ours, but the blue, green, and yellow ones are.

I'm glad I'm on the way to being a teacher, but there is something I truly love about cutting in a ceiling, picking out paint, using a roller, patching up holes left by three inch long nails that the previous occupants used twenty at a time to nail ratty blankets to the window sills throughout the entire house. (I'm collecting all the hardware to remember those holes by). It's meditative. I can listen to NPR and the hours fly past.

Seeing the white walls taken over by creamy yellows, soft blues, and bright greens is so exciting. I got a whole room done before Marshall brought me lunch. Plus he loves the colors so far. I'm in charge of all things painting in our home. Marshall truly doesn't like painting, which is perfectly fine with me, because there's no way I'm getting any where near a law mower and that's a year-round thing. Once we get electricity on, I'll post after pictures.

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