Tuesday, April 5, 2011

step 1: taming the wilderness - jes

We had a lot of work to do this weekend. Thankfully it was a beautiful Oklahoma spring weekend. Despite the hurricane strength winds on Sunday. One thing to do was cut up a tree's worth of fire wood after we'd hauled the rest of the tree off.

I also constructed my first compost pile ever. The neighbors are turning out to be extremely helpful, and one of them helped me cut the posts for the project. He even cut angles on the ends of the wood to make hammering them into the ground easier. I'm glad we're getting some use out of a few of the leaves that hadn't been raked in seven years.

It may be a bit premature, but we grabbed a few plants at Lowe's and I stuck them in the small flower bed in the front of the house. I wanted to see some color there, and I'm glad I planted them. Can't wait to start work on the inside of the house.

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