Wednesday, June 29, 2011

trucks & helping hands - jes

 I drove the twenty four foot long moving truck the whole way. This thing was massive, but I reminded Marshall that I've got some truckers in my family and that came in handy to say the least. Almost ran over a few SUVs, but it turned out alright and we made it back safely. Not going to lie, there was a rapid internal dialogue ranging from cursing the other drivers, to praying for a safe ride, to excitement that it turns out I am actually not bad at driving the huge beast.

The icing on the cake for the weekend was when Marshall's car broke down approximately ten miles north of our rental place. Being in a broken down car stinks. Being in a broken down car, in the middle of three digit heat, on the side of one of the busiest highway ramps in Oklahoma (where 44 turns into 35 south...if you live here you know) with a dog and two dying cell phones. The oil light came on. The car is dead. We hopped some cement barriers and passed Rocket over between us. Made it to a hotel and got a cab ride to town. Then we walked a mile to pick up our moving truck.

After that went down, our friends started coming out of the woodwork and were completely fabulous as they helped us with the rest of the weekend. Summer took us to get Marshall's car towed then stuck around the rest of the day lending a hand. Sarah, Arne, and Garrett all helped out with moving heavy things (and not so heavy things). Zach helped by finally getting rid of the car in our driveway, though I in no way blame him. That blame and annoyance goes out to a certain ex-roommate from all of us.

 We all sweated together, hauled pianos together, filled boxes together. Our neighbors drove past and told us a better (i.e. the correct) way to use the loading ramp. We filled up the whole darn truck. I cannot believe how much stuff we have. (This past weekend we had to rent a trailer after we realized Bob's truck wasn't big enough to hold the last of our things.) When we got back to Tulsa my Mom and Dad met us at the house ten minutes later, and ten minutes after that Phillip showed up and the four of us had the truck unloaded in two hours.

We're here. For good. Norman is done. We could probably have done it without the help, but it would have been one of the worst experiences of my entire life. We are so lucky to have surrounded ourselves with such wonderful people. Everyone helped out more than we deserved to be helped and we're both so grateful. I feel closer to Marshall after having gone through this though. Our last night sleeping in Norman at that house was bitter sweet (but mostly sweet because I wanted to get the heck to our new house).

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