Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Miss Molly

One of the big draws to buying a house was that Matt and I could start our family! No, not a baby, but a pet. I have been ready for a dog for over a year now, but have had no yard for one. Now that I have a beautiful backyard, it is time for that puppy! I have been looking online for the right dog for months now. While Matt was gone at Middle School camp I came across the PERFECT pup. I just new when I saw her picture on (I have been searching shelters) that she was the one!
Molly is a rescue pup. She is 12 weeks old and was found abandoned in the woods of Hollister, MO with her two sibblings. She was rescued by Taney County Animal Control. To get Molly, Matt and I drove to MO last friday. We stayed in a rather sketchy hotel and woke up the next day to go adopt our new addition to the family! We spent the next 4 and a half hour bonding in the car! She is a great car rider.

-The first night with Molly was very tough. She whined and pitched the biggest fit when we put her in a crate for the night. The only way she would calm down was if Matt or I laid in front of the crate so she could see us. When she fell asleep we would sneak into bed. Throughout the night when she whined we would take her out to go potty.
-The second night there was just a little bit of crying, 15 minutes or so. The third night there was maybe 5 minutes and the 4th night (last night) there wasn't even a peep when we put her in her crate!

Molly wanted to drive the car with Daddy yesterday. It was the cutest thing in the world! However, we realized this was dangerous and teaching our dog bad habits. Therefore, since then we have successfuly crated her in the car without whinning. I didn't realize how needy puppies are when you want to try and train them well. She needs constant watching. Matt and I have a pretty good system. Matt and I take turns waking up at 2 hour intervals to take her potty! Matt takes her to work in the morning while I teach summer school, and I go pick her up after school at 11:30. She has even stayed away from my garden, which now has a few green tomatoes growing.

I love summer days at my new home!

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