Wednesday, June 15, 2011

cucumbers & books - jes

Well the big move is fast approaching. We've been slowly hauling things a few boxes at a time, but on Friday we begin loading up the official moving truck and transporting our big things plus eight hundred boxes of books to their new permanent residence. It's so odd that we have yet to move such big things, since this house already feels like my home.

I am continuously amazed at just how many books Marshall and I have. Those in the picture comprise of about a third of the ones we will end up transporting. I should have expected that, however, since it seems as though every time we buy another bookcase it's already full as soon as we set it in place. My father is convinced that the written word is obsolete, and that my generation has no need for books. Not that having so many proves him wrong, but I'm sure as heck not getting rid of them any time soon. Luckily Marshall is on the same page as I am when it comes to the awesomeness of having the books we need at hand. Believe it or not we turn to them quite often, despite the fact that wikipedia is a quicker method.

Our garden is getting more and more exciting. The squash leaves are bigger than Rocket, and we have several jalapeno peppers started, two squash, two tomatoes, and lots of banana peppers. Yesterday Marshall and I munched one right there in the garden. It was warm from the sun, crispy and spicy. Delicious. As far as home improvement is concerned, for the most part we're just focusing on getting the move out of the way, though there have been many discussions about upcoming major purchases, such as a new stove and a grown-up bed since I've been using Cody's futon for six years now.  My back wants a mattress. We subscribed to Consumer Reports which would make Grandpa Dix proud and will hopefully help us find some good deals on the big things.

Although I'm not sure it counts as a recipe, for a delicious and incredibly refreshing drink, simply slice up a cucumber very thin and plunk it in some water. Let it set for a bit and I'm telling you, better than lemon in water. I'm drinking some right now and it's totally quenching the mid afternoon Oklahoma swelter. Plus it's healthy! We made an entire pitcher from our one cucumber and it's kept for three days. Still as refreshing as the first.


  1. I'm so envious of your garden. Remind me to come visit before summer is over so I can steal some homegrown cucumber and blueberries. :)

  2. You are more than welcome to come steal from my garden any time! - jes